Restoring Order

Some blog entries are quicker than others. This will be a quick one.

Time and motherly energy are in shorter supply these days in my household. Yesterday I had the opportunity to pick up a high school friend who flew into town for a few days. We laughed and shopped and ate. It felt good to be ME. Not someone’s something who needs to do someone’s something.

I returned home late and woke up early as it a routine for us moms. I woke up after an unusually unsettling dream that had me anxious. Then I remembered that my husband had reminded me the night before that we were behind on the laundry – we are the do 2-3 loads a day kinda people.

After waking up and surveying the household landscape, I went into full tilt mom-cleaning-mode. (This is the one my neat-nik husband loves the most). With children and guest sleeping, I had the rare opportunity to load the dishwasher, reboot laundry (including fold two loads) and generally tidy up some.

Then God spoke. He said to me very clearly: This is what I do when you have been away from me. I restore order when you seek me and are in my presence. God restores order into our chaotic lives. LIGHTBULB! It is also what He will do when He sends Jesus back to Earth – He will restore order to this chaotic world.

It will be wonderful to have another few days with my friend. It is also wonderfully to bask in His presence as He restores order to my chaotic life.

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