Nostalgia: Hooked on a Feeling

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to visit the town where I grew up.   A great little Southern town that is now a great bigger Southern town.  Each time I return, it amazes me how much the town has grown.  Some of my closest friends still live there.  Always, I am hit with a wave of nostalgia.  I wish I could visit more often and that each visit was longer.

This time it was especially hard to say goodbye after dinner on Saturday night.  I had an early Sunday morning flight to get back to my own family.  It was the weekend before spring break, and my children had a lot of homework.  The husband was working many late nights in his job as a CPA.  It was, however, good to see life-long friends.

As I drove to the airport on Sunday, I listened to satellite radio.  I love the 80s music.  It reminds me of middle school and high school and the first years of college.  Such a wonderful time in my life.  I thought of my friends who I had just left and reflected more on our friendships.  The nostalgia hit hard.  That channel was doing a countdown of 1980, and I remembered much of the music.  My family traveled a lot via the car so I had many opportunities to listen to the radio.

As I went about my extremely busy week, I kept playing a particular song that I had forgotten existed.  It is Romeo’s Tune by Steve Forbert.  I am not sure what I enjoyed most about this song as traveled around this week.  Perhaps it is just the reminder of a simpler time or that my oldest child is near the age when I first heard this song.  When I find myself longing for times past, I wonder if the nostalgia is for the actual time or just the feeling around the area.  For example, my nostalgia for my college alma mater is less do with the town but more about my first opportunity to live on my own and having a huge sense of independence for the first time.

The early 80s also represented a time when my faith and belief in God started to grow.  As I reflected on that this week, I was reminded of this Bible verse:   Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.  Psalm 51:12 (NIV)   I quoted this verse to a friend as we struggled with our parenting and life challenges.  I felt God tugging at my heart with the phrase “joy of your salvation”.  I also loved the word “restore”.  How I have needed that this week as I felt my “stores” were all depleted.   And finally, the word “sustain” or “to strengthen or support physically or mentally.”  Thank you!  Especially the mental part.  God granted me some grace and space on Thursday that allowed the more stressful part of the week to fall into perspective.  I was reminded that God does not ask us to sprint our marathon.Though it was a tough week, I did have some wonderful times with my children.  We are looking forward to our spring break in Texas trying to replenish our ‘stores.”


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