A Gentle Spirit Wanted

I love music of the 70s and 80s – all types.  That music speaks to me.  My children disagree and often are embarrassed as I sing along to a favorite song in the car.  Much eye rolling has happened as I stroll down memory lane.

This week I heard an old favorite: Sentimental Lady by Bob Welch.  Such a sweet and soothing song.  I love these lyrics:

Sentimental gentle wind
Blowing through my life again
Sentimental lady
Gentle one

It reminds me of one of my favorite verses: Phillipians 4:5.   “Let your gentleness be evident to all.”  Another version of the verse replaces “gentleness” to “graciousness”.

Gentleness.  Graciousness.   Two words that seem to be in short supply in my life at the moment.  One of my daily challenges is feeling like there is not enough time to do everything that I NEED to do  and WANT to do.   My counselor calls it busyness.  The opposite way of living is called intentional.  Another way to look at this is called mindfulness.   That is the perfect way to describe how I want to live.

To go through life at a simple pace with a lack of hurry and scurry.

To be thoughtful about what I say to people.

To be mindful of my actions.

To be selective where and what I spend my time, treasure and  talent.

To spend time with the people that matter most to me: my husband, my children, my parents and my friends.

To have balance.

I am still discovering how to do that.  A big “A-Ha” moment recently was the something I’ve heard call the “paradox of choice.”  It is the thought that many choices is better than fewer; however, there is a point at which too many choices becomes paralyzing.   I get caught up there.  I decided to apply the 80/20 rule.  That I don’t really need the 80 percent, but the 20 percent that is right.

There is a t-shirt that staff and children wear at my kids’ school.  It reads “GOOD is the enemy of GREAT.”  I would much rather have the “less of the best” than “more of the good.”


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