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Daily Archives: March 27, 2016

Come To The Table

Come to the Table What do you bring to the table? Has anyone asked you this question? I think this question or phrase is a huge buzzword in our modern world. The Urban Dictionary defines it as someone who has qualities which represents something out of the normal OR someone who should be represented because of what they do or say that places them out of the realm of this world. Clearly, a person who brings something to the table has something to offer. We could digress here and say that everyone has something they can bring to the table. We could debate the type of table in a figurative and literal sense. However, entertain me, and let’s take it a step backward: To bring something to the table one must come to the table. The randomness of this thought process started something like this: As you note the last type I wrote a blog was about four months ago. Shortly before the holidays, I broke my wrist. Writing or typing was pretty challenging at that point. Then, by the time I regained some typing proficiency, I lost my momentum. Between three children who have faced challenges this year…