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Daily Archives: July 9, 2015

The Parallel Process

Mental health and geometry are not terms that people put together very often. Years ago when I was a graduate student in a counseling program, I was required to have a supervisor with my internship. I enjoyed the gentlemen who served as that for me. We would met every Wednesday and talk about the few clients that I had in a private practice.  I learned a lot about myself at that time. Joe (named changed) often spoke of the parallel process that goes on between clients and counselors. We as helpers would often find something in common with our clients. It could be as simple as birth order or marital status. Often it could be a similar trauma we shared. A skilled and effective therapist is aware of this and maintains healthy boundaries in the therapy process. Remember that one of the first tenets of counseling is “first do no harm.” I have applied this notion of “parallel process” to my family and friends. How often have a talked on the phone with a friend or sat across from a family member talking about a subject and have a sense of deja vu? You know that…