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Daily Archives: March 7, 2015

Reminders to Remember

It has been a month since the If:Gathering Austin. I left inspired in a way that I have not been before. I was moved. I was motivated.  As part of the closing portion of the meeting, we were given a smooth stone to remind us all that we learned.  The rocks symbolizes the stones that God commanded the Israelites to use when He called them to remember what He had done for them in parting seas and tumbling walls.  The word I wrote on my stone was WRITE. I would write daily. Not too long after I left that conference, I wrote my last blog entry.  It had been months since I wrote on this blog.  For almost all the same reasons it has been over 20 days since I wrote after that long drought.   LIFE happened as it usually does. February in particular. It happens every year, but yet I am often surprised by it. The shortest month of the year but one of the longest if you know what I mean. The month after the excitement of Christmas has worn off.  The long-short month of hogs and flowers.  And chocolate.  Sickness.  Cedar fever, if you live…