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Daily Archives: February 8, 2015

Milestones and Bullet Points

Milestones.  Bullet Points. We tend to sum up over lives and accomplishments in these terms.  Just look at your last resume: *Increased sales over 6 month period. *Managed staff of 10 people. Or you write the following on your blog: *Mom of three, daughter of two, wife of one. *Cleaning the same floor for seven years straight. I digress…I will not bullet-point my absence from my blog for the past 5 months.   So many things took priority:  children, homework, schedules, part-time work, indifference, anxiety and an ADHD diagnosis.  It would take me months to describe it because it was my life.   So that leads me to this:   This weekend I attended the If:Gathering in Austin.  Such a great time of renewal.  The ending moments had us write a “next step” on a rock and add to the “cornerstone.”   Mine was to write.  For 15 minutes every day.  Oh, do not worry, I have no great plans to blog every day.  My prayer and hope is once a week. Gentle readers (always wanted to say that and write that), it is hard to write.  It is a solitary process.  Crazy making.  I…