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Daily Archives: June 11, 2014

If You Don’t Make Yourself a Priority, Then You Become A Liability

Wow!  Sometimes when a friend makes a statement, you really take notice.  The title of this blog comes from a conversations with one of my dearest friends. You may note the long stretch of time between posts on this blog.  That was never my purpose.  Like a lot of moms, I got especially busy with the Annual Event known as the END OF THE SCHOOL YEAR.  Plus my family planned a vacation to leave the day school released.   It was glorious, but came at a price.  As I write this, I am sitting on my couch recovering from a very nasty stomach bug and migraine.  I think my body just shut down. I overextended myself with projects beyond my normal busy routine.  There were end of year parties, teacher gifts, end of year programs,  term papers, and for the first time for our family, middle school finals.  It was a blur.  I did some good things, but I let some great and important things slide – like devotions times and praying.  Oops.  I am not proud of that, but it is changing. So when my friend called to check on me and we were talking about how our lives were…