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Daily Archives: April 20, 2014

Life At 350 Degrees

I go through phases of cooking.  Sometimes I cook, and sometimes I don’t. This past weekend my oldest made an Easter cake.  Before you get excited about a Pinterest worthy picture attached to this blog, let me declare the following:  I am ON Pinterest, but I do not DO Pinterest.  The cake my daughter made was from a box that we decorate by putting Peeps bunnies all over it.  It was something fun that she loved to do.  As I set the oven at 350 degrees, I poignant thought struck me.  I do most of my baking on 350 degrees.  Cakes, brownies, french fries, roasted vegetables, frozen items.  It just makes it easier.  Kinda like baking autopilot. As I watched my child mix the cake and pour the contents in the baking pans, a thought struck me.  I live my life on 350 degrees.  Pretty much the same temperature all the time.  Same school routines, same lunches I make for the kids, same towels I fold and same messes that I come home to on a regular basis.   My husband and children thrive better on a routine.  Especially the husband.  Things out of order or out of routine…