Statement of Faith

I am churchy, and then not so much. This is my personal faith statement:

I believe in the one true God and I belong to Him in life and in death. God exists in the Trinity: God (the Father), God (the Son) and God (the Holy Spirit). He is the Alpha and Omega.

I believe that in grace, God has given His son Jesus Christ, fully human and fully God, to redeem mankind; I accept Jesus as Lord of my life. Jesus was born of a Virgin Birth. I believe that Jesus is coming again.

I believe God is just and merciful. At His beckoning, He has called me to be His.

I believe God loves me; that He has personal knowledge of me; and that He has a personal agenda for me. My personal faith also involves my personal responsibility to God to know His will in and for my life. I believe that God communicates with His people by prayer, the Bible, circumstances and through people.

I believe that God gave us His Word, which is the Holy Bible. I consider it an instruction manual for my life.

I believe and trust in Jesus Christ and share in His ministry to teach, bless, heal, bind-up the brokenhearted and preach release to the captive. My personal faith is made effective through the Holy Spirit working in my life as I believe and trust in God. His Spirit justifies me by grace through faith and sets me free to accept myself and to love God and my neighbor.