Sandra Littlejohn Biography

Sandra Littlejohn is a Trapezoid Woman living an out of the box life…

The Who: Sandra is a married mother of three children trying to parent her payback child and two of her husband’schildren. Her husband George is a CPA. (God has a sense of humor). She is an author, editor, counselor and former grocery store clerk and janitor.
The What: Sandra loves spontaneity, fried chicken and the colors blue and purple. She would have been a student forever if anyone had let her. Reading is her favorite hobby and is forever researching for her own works of fiction. She believes that sweet tea should be its own food group. An extrovert, Sandra is always looking for a companion for lunch or breakfast or coffee.People matter to her. Sandra loves sharing what God has done in her life.
The When: Sandra is currently writing a blog about her journey as a woman, wife and mom and of the faith that sustains her.
The Where: The Littlejohns currently reside in Austin, Texas, and are striving to “keep it weird,” like the city motto says.
The How: Sandra is where she is today, only by the Grace of God. Really, only because of His Amazing Grace. Sandra might have followed an unconventional and disobedient path, but God brought her out of some pretty dark times because of that Amazing and Redeeming Grace.
The Why: Because God asked. Writing is a natural for Sandra, but speaking is something that God had to encourage and equip her to do.

Told with a balance of humor and tears, Sandra offers her one-of-a-kind, God-given story that helps:

  • Recapture your story that God uniquely gave you.
  • Affirm your individuality in God as you seek to live in harmony with others.
  • Recover the identity that God gave you so you can revolutionize your corner of the world.
  • Focus your perspective through the lens of God’s love rather than the world’s microscope.