How Firm A Foundation

So lately I am into all those house flipping shows that seem to be on every cable channel. My favorite, to my husband’s complete dismay, is Texas Flip and Move. I love seeing these people go crazy ripping out cabinets and tile and carpet.  I half imagine myself doing that to my current home but thankfully the idea of dust makes me stop.  Always, always the flip team has significant disagreements over what style to choose for their project.

The other thing that seems to happen in all of these shows is a significant flaw in the house flipping process.  Most all flippers think it will be an easy and quick renovation.  Sometimes it is a plumbing program – think plastic pipes that have to be replaced. Sometimes it is a addition that the new homeowner finds was an illegal addition that has to be removed or brought up to code. Maybe the home needs a new roof because of sagging or new siding because of some harmful chemical. The worst is when you find a buckled floor. More often than not that is deal killer. Cue the shock and dismay of the house flipper.  Eventually, the flipper comes to term with what is left and has to be done.  The flipper then has to strip away everything and start repairing the foundation.

I think it no surprise that’s where I find myself in my personal and spiritual life. So many things from my “former life” were removed. Often, painfully removed. Think like the removal of those bandages after I had a C-section with all of my three kids. In the shower. Oh gee, remembering that makes me cring.  I still am mourning the loss of some things, and I am angry about some of the others. And bewildered about what is left.  Like the flipper, I thought this stage of my life would be an even progression from one stage to the other.  I still am shocked when life gets off track.

It might surprise you that I am typing these words on a computer in the lobby of a “church” conference 150 miles from my home. I felt God’s nudging to come here months before I knew what disarray my present life would be like.  This was before I fell out of attendance at church because it was painful and felt unfamiliar after so many years.  I have had to come to terms with so many things that on the surface seemed right, but after peeling back layers, I realized they were not.  I am here because I know the foundation is solid because it is built on God’s word. That’s what I hope to get back to and fall in love with again. People might surprise you as they have me over the last year. But people are fallible, just like me. I’ve been wrapped up in the surprise and pain of so many changes. Time to work on that foundation. Time to find a new style, if you will. Not a completely new foundation because I love the one I have. Just a renovation.

Stay tuned.

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