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Daily Archives: January 2, 2020

Circle Around To A New Beginning

I am a trapezoid. I live an out of the box life. It isn’t as glamourus as it seems. Trust me on this one. People ask what I mean by the one. I’ll explain. A large part of my life I lived boxed in. Boxed in by expectations. Boxed in by fear. Boxed in my personal choices. Boxed in by stinking thinking. Boxed in by faulty theology. I longed for freedom. As an adult I crave it and have gone to great lengths, sometimes not healthy or wise, to achieve that freedom. The idea came to me that I was a trapezoid. Different angles and edges that explain my weird vibes and preferences. Creating this blog was a declaration of freedom – to be a trapezoid. To develop a life that was free from box like thinking. Over the last few years, being a trapezoid has morphed into a description of parenting. I have three kiddos that are definitely not boxes. (We are still trying to determine what they are.) Two of my children are Apsies (Aspergers Syndrome, a form of Autism) and one has a pretty significant anxiety disorder. They have challenged my notion of…