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Daily Archives: September 18, 2019

To My Daughter on Her 18th Birthday

Today, my oldest daughter turns 18. So many cliches and sappy things I could say but that is not her. She is a great kid with a funny combination of sass and fras. Her journey is uniquely her own. She is the child who doesn’t think like me. I believe she is more like her father in mannerisms and thought processes. She has many talents that I do not own: drawing and speaking her mind courageously. We do share a love of writing but currently writing isn’t something that interests her. Her big passion is animals. She has a connection with animals unlike anyone that I have seen. She is more patient with animals than with her parents or siblings, really most humans. I have always admired her confidence. Middle school was hard, but she still maintained her sense of who she was. High school was hard, and I think she got lost a little bit. However, for three years, I watched as she gained her footing and now is talking about her future as a college freshman. There were days I wasn’t sure that would happen. She can be respectful and irreverent. She…