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Daily Archives: December 6, 2018

Memories & Memorials, Lingering Sadness and Exhaustion

  Brutal best describes the last six months.   The traditional stress of three children in three school as well as a lot of extra travel. I find myself at the end of the new year not nearly where I wanted to be.  I’ve lagged behind in my writing as well as other household tasks.  I am struggling to find the joy of this holiday season. I love Christmas and usually decorate with more than one tree and several other decorations. This year I simply put up a tree, a smaller one than usual.  It just felt right this year. This fall has been touched with a lot of sadness.  My maternal uncle died in August after being ill for some weeks. Now, my uncle and I were not as close as some.  Mostly because of time and distance.  I lived geographically far from both sets of families, so I had limited contact with most of my mom’s family and my dad’s family.  I do have many wonderful memories of my grandparents as well as many aunts and uncles. Back to my uncle … he was the third of my mom’s siblings to pass.  She is one of…