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Daily Archives: November 11, 2018

Let Brotherly (Or Sisterly Love) Continue: An Explanation

Almost a year ago I pondered what my theme for my life and my blog should be for 2018.  I came up with No Regrets.   I always like to have a Bible verse or verses to go with it.  A quick internet search gave me: Hebrews 13:1 “Let brotherly love continue.”  It comes at the beginning of a passage that encourages believers to keep doing good things. This verse has resonated with me all this year:  How do you continue loving people when they do unlovable actions? How do you love yourself when you don’t do lovable things? Last week I shared that a few difficult things hit me at once.  Doesn’t it always seem like that happens.  You are on the floor trying to catch your breath and get up and then Bam! You get hit again.  It takes your breath away.  Being bombarded with multiple trials will shake your faith to the core. My faith didn’t feel alive as it once did.  I started to ignore some important truths about my relationship with Jesus.  I took my eyes off Him and focused at other people.  I grew discontent with what I saw.  I disagreed…