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Daily Archives: November 4, 2018

How I Realized I Needed To Do More Than Clear My Plate

The journey to get where I am has taken about two years. A couple of really big things happened around the same time:   We changed schools for our three children (three new schools) because they needed a different educational environment.  A summer job that I had for 15 years came to a close.  By changing schools, I lost a support system that felt almost like a family.  The job situation was harder that I originally thought it would be.  It was hard to tell people that I was just a “mom” or that I was a blogger (who didn’t blog regularly).  I meandered along aimlessly trying to figure out my new normal.  Some days I felt like the Israelites who wandered in the desert for many years.  To say my plate was full was obvious. The summer before the school year, I intentionally took things off my plate. I didn’t sign up for certain things and tried to limit other commitments, so I would not overfill my plate.  This was a good move on my part but not one that I usually do.  I tend to pile more on my plate than necessary.  I am a “do-er…