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Daily Archives: August 13, 2017

Mom In The Middle

It’s August. School is about to start. My social media feeds are full of moms sending their kids off to college or kindergarten. Kind of ironic for the age spread. Funny thing about motherhood is that people react to events like school in such strange ways.  I remember having lunch with one mom as she sent her child to kindergarten. She had a margarita by 11 am.  She was so happy. I thought it was a strong reaction to having one less kid at home. Contrast that with another mom who cried for days when her oldest started kindergarten. Another strong reaction on my part. After contemplating the strange season that I’m in, I’ve realized I am a mom in the middle. Middle of high school with my oldest. Middle of the school years with my youngest kid.  I’m the middle child.  Even my birthday is in the middle of two of my children’s birthdays.  I feel middle age frumpy.  And most importantly I am in the middle of a strange season that I cannot name. I believe that God’s about to do something in my life. Sometimes…