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Daily Archives: January 20, 2014

From A Box to A Trapezoid

It all started with a conversation about a box… A box. It’s square, or sometimes a rectangle. The sides are straight lines, and the contents usually stay inside the lines. Boxes are great. I’ve moved a couple of times and they are very useful. But I’ve noticed that boxes are very rigid. They have little give unless an elephant sits on a box, and then it is not so useful. Boxes can also be confining…cubicles, elevators and a number of other places resemble boxes. Have you ever noticed that people put themselves in metaphorical boxes? That was me. I grew up in a family that liked rules and routines to keep children safe. And, don’t get me wrong… rules they are great. At an early age, I learned how to live in a box. As a teenager, I developed huge anxiety… that became part of my box. Anything outside the box was not safe. As an adult, I learned that I could control utterly everything about my box. Just don’t ask me to move my box. And so one day a friend and I compared our lives to boxes and our relationships to God…